Look up and see what you are missing…

In the fast paced world that we live in, it is so easy to get caught up with our to do lists, our commitments, and our need to reply instantaneously to every email, FB, and Twitter notification we receive.  But if you take a minute to look up, it is hard to miss the beauty around us. Today, I am thankful that I looked up to see what I was missing…

Until Next Time…Namaste!


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Running is hard to explain…

For the past few months, I’ve been training for a half-marathon.  I’m finally in the last week of my training and I’m looking forward to getting out on the course with the other 25,000 runners.  Growing up, I never ran.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t start running until I was in college.  I like to say I took up running to “relieve stress,” but to be honest, I took it up to avoid studying!  Plus, I had a few extra freshmen-15 pounds that unfortunately lasted WAY past my freshmen year.  But once I started running, I found that I couldn’t stop.  I actually REALLY enjoyed running.

Actually, I don’t know if I can officially call what I do as “running,” it’s more like, “jogging.”  I guess technically some people would call it running, but when I compare the time it takes me to run a mile versus some of my running friends, they are way out of my league.  But I’m ok with that, because what I’ve realized is that running for me isn’t how fast I run or how far, but how I feel after a run.  If you have never experienced a runners high, it’s hard to explain, but you truly get this overwhelming feeling of happiness and contentment.

I’ve gone through many different variations of running over the years: I’ve run in the rain, the snow, and 100 degree heat.  I’ve run pushing a baby stroller, and I’ve run with music blaring in my ears.  But over the years, I’ve found that my absolute favorite way to run is in silence: just me, myself and my thoughts.  Why?  It allows me to think.  It allows me to problem-solve.  It allows me to laugh.  It allows me to cry.  It allows me to meditate. That’s right…meditate.  

I actually looked up the definition of meditation and found the following, “Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualization, the breath, movement, or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual growth.”

I  bet it never donned on you that you could actually meditate while you are running, but if you think about when you run without any music and just focus on your breath, the sound of your feet hitting the pavement, or just the trail that lies ahead, it truly is the perfect way to meditate.

So if you are a runner, next time you go out, leave the headphones behind and focus on your breath or the sound of your feet hitting the pavement and you just might realize that you too can meditate while running!  But whatever you do and however you run, enjoy that runners high because as you know it truly is the best feeling in the world!

Until next time…Namaste!

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Stop the press!!

Right before New Years, I posted a status update letting people know that I’m “disconnecting and going offline.”  It was like, WOW!  STOP THE PRESS! I’m going offline people!!  Looking back, it was actually a really dumb update.  Do we really need to announce to the world that we are “going offline,” “taking a break from FB,” or even better, “taking a digital sabbatical”?

I started thinking about this over the few days while I was “disconnected,” and what I’ve realized is there is an entire generation of people who think cell phones, internet, and social media sites are a bad thing ONLY because we never grew up with these things. We feel like we need to make an announcement that we aren’t going to use these tools for a few days or sometimes even a month…but I guess my question is WHY?  Is it really for our readers, friends, family, followers or is it really to make ourselves feel better that we still have a life beyond our computers, cell phones and Ipads?

I think about our kids who knew how to send emails, search the web and text all before the age of 6, and I truly believe that for them, a “digital” life will be normal.  They won’t need to disconnect or take a break, because they will have grown up with these tools and will; and likely HAVE already found the correct way to incorporate them into their normal lifestyle.  But for the previous generations, I think we feel guilty if we spend too much time online.  It’s like we are doing something bad and not living our life to the fullest. But in reality, an online and offline life is normal and should be viewed in no other way.

So next time I decide to go offline, I won’t be announcing it to the world.  Instead, I will just leave my device in my room and go out to play just like my kids do every day.  And for those of you who still feel like you need to make the announcement, I promise I won’t judge you, but at least do it in style.  Feel free to use the following in your announcement to the world!

Until next time…Namaste!

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A Clean Slate


There are lots of ways to visualize it…

A fresh white piece of paper

A blank white screen

A clean chalkboard

An empty whiteboard

Its New Years Day; Clean Slate Day.  The first page, of the first chapter of the brand new year!  What will your 2012 book look like?

Until next time…Namaste!

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My Three Words…

A friend just posted this on FB and Twitter: ‎#2011in3words wake up people!  It got me thinking – what would have been my three words in 2011 and what are my three words for 2012?

Because I never really picked focus words for 2011, looking back, I would sum up the year with the following three words:  Patience * Learning * Understanding.  Funny thing is I never would have chosen those words back in December of 2010 as my 3 areas of focus, however, now that the year is done, these three words seem to fit the year to a T.

So what about 2012?  Are you really able to get focus using three words only?  Well, it’s worth a try!  So here are my words for 2012:  Simplify * Focus * Smile.

Simplify: Simplifying our lives has always been front and center for me.  I even have one of the original books published back in the 90s about simplifying your life, but sometimes I get off track.  This year, I want to get the focus back on simplicity in all aspects of our lives.

Focus: I’ve noticed that I have become TERRIBLE about multi-tasking and it not only is frustrating to those around me, but to myself as well.  This year, I will work on my Focus.  Not only focusing on one thing at a time, but a focus on what is important.

Smile: ‎This last one is something that I fear I have lost.  I can’t count how many times this past year my kids have said, “Meem, why do you always look so mad?”  Even if I’m not mad, the fact that I’m not smiling is obviously noticeable to those two little beings that are so precious to me and are watching everything I do; so in 2012 – I am going to focus on smiling and laughing a whole lot more!

So that’s it…my three words and three areas of focus for 2012.  Thanks John for inspiring me to do this exercise…I am now truly excited for the upcoming year!

Until next time…Namaste!

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One year later…

Not sure why I decided to go back and read my blog again. Maybe it was the mini get-away we just had or maybe, the fact that so much has changed in my life and I feel the need to write/journal again, but whatever it is, I’m back. Not sure if anyone is still following me, but at least I’ll have a place to come back to next year to see what my life was like in 2012 as I have a feeling we are in for lots of changes! And personally…I LOVE change!

Until Next Time…Namaste!

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Always finish what you’ve started

Out of all of the English phrases I can think of, I dread this one the most. Why? Because there have been countless times in my life that I have started something with great enthusiasm, but then for some reason or another, never finished it. Take the Reverb10 project. If you look back through my most recent posts, I was so excited about this and was posting regularly with every prompt. But then, something changed. Maybe it was me…maybe it was the prompts…but I found that I kept writing the same thing over and over again for the past few prompts. It’s great and all for my memories, but for the people who are reading my blog (if there ARE any) I’m afraid they would be awfully bored! So for now, my Reverb10 posts are staying in “draft” mode so I can look back at them and reflect. AND if there is a prompt that gets me writing about things that I haven’t written about yet, I will definitely jump right back into it, but for now, I will save you all the *yawn* boring reflections and move on to more interesting topics. Now…if I can just think of something to write about…

Hmmmm…How about that weather out there? Pretty nice huh…?

Until Next Time…Namaste!

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