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I am now that Smiling Older Woman…a Trip Down Memory Lane

It had already been 45 minutes of waiting in the lab office waiting room and there was still no sign that I would be called back anytime soon. You had the usual suspects in the room: the pregnant woman, the … Continue reading

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What have you made for me lately?

For those of you who are reading/following my blog, I have a big shocking secret to reveal in this post. Yes…a dirty secret that I never thought I would reveal, but the latest Reverb10 prompt that reads, “Make. What was … Continue reading

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The Ride of Passage

This week is a big week in our household. Our youngest daughter, who turned 8 in early September, has finally agreed to let us take the training wheels off of her bicycle. So yesterday was the day! I waited anxiously … Continue reading

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Out of Wine…Life is Crap!

That was the t-shirt I was wearing last week when I stopped into the office at my kids school.  Of course, it didn’t don on me that I had that t-shirt on until one of the teachers in the lobby started … Continue reading

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A new career title

I realized the other day that I have a career title that I have never acknowledged.  No, it’s not stay-at-home mom, PTA mom or Supermom (although I wouldn’t mind that last one!)  It is…drum roll please…Short-Order cook!  Now, I’m not … Continue reading

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The Real Housewives of the PTA

Last year, when I decided to be a stay-at-home-mom, I felt like I needed a rite of passage; something that would allow me to move from “working mom” status to “at-home mom” status. I racked my brain for a few … Continue reading

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Be present…

that was the ending message from our yoga instructor this morning as we finished our practice. Actually, he started out by saying, “my lesson for today is from a fortune cookie I read last night.” Made me giggle as I … Continue reading

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