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Is this thing still on?

Just checking.  One day I will get back to blogging again!  Until then…Namaste!

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I am now that Smiling Older Woman…a Trip Down Memory Lane

It had already been 45 minutes of waiting in the lab office waiting room and there was still no sign that I would be called back anytime soon. You had the usual suspects in the room: the pregnant woman, the … Continue reading

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Bishaan Lubbuudah – Water is life: My week in Ethiopia with Water1st, International

Atsedu made it look so easy; light-footed and charging up the hill with 40-pounds of water strapped to her back.  We could barely keep up and our water cans were only filled half-way.  The guide kept telling her she needed to … Continue reading

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Caffeine Free and Junk Food Free, but don’t touch my wine!

It’s the last weekend of the month and I’m doing a reflection on how I’ve done on my Pre-Fall Detox Program. Today, I’m looking back at my goal to start eating healthy again and I’m excited to say that I’ve … Continue reading

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Maybe Laughter truly is the best medicine

It’s been one of those days… You know the ones:  Wake up late, forget your computer at home, meetings all day with no time for even a bathroom break.  But it’s more than that.  It’s those days when there is … Continue reading

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Hello Blog…Oh how I’ve missed you!

It’s the middle of August and the kids have been back to school for 2 weeks now.  Even after all of these years, it’s seems odd that school starts in August when it’s still over 110 degrees most days.  But … Continue reading

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Yes, I have a plan! Sort of…

In real life, I’m a product manager for a software company.  That means, I’m a planner by force, not by choice.  I have a plan for the features I wish to add to my product lines, I have a plan … Continue reading

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