Stop the press!!

Right before New Years, I posted a status update letting people know that I’m “disconnecting and going offline.”  It was like, WOW!  STOP THE PRESS! I’m going offline people!!  Looking back, it was actually a really dumb update.  Do we really need to announce to the world that we are “going offline,” “taking a break from FB,” or even better, “taking a digital sabbatical”?

I started thinking about this over the few days while I was “disconnected,” and what I’ve realized is there is an entire generation of people who think cell phones, internet, and social media sites are a bad thing ONLY because we never grew up with these things. We feel like we need to make an announcement that we aren’t going to use these tools for a few days or sometimes even a month…but I guess my question is WHY?  Is it really for our readers, friends, family, followers or is it really to make ourselves feel better that we still have a life beyond our computers, cell phones and Ipads?

I think about our kids who knew how to send emails, search the web and text all before the age of 6, and I truly believe that for them, a “digital” life will be normal.  They won’t need to disconnect or take a break, because they will have grown up with these tools and will; and likely HAVE already found the correct way to incorporate them into their normal lifestyle.  But for the previous generations, I think we feel guilty if we spend too much time online.  It’s like we are doing something bad and not living our life to the fullest. But in reality, an online and offline life is normal and should be viewed in no other way.

So next time I decide to go offline, I won’t be announcing it to the world.  Instead, I will just leave my device in my room and go out to play just like my kids do every day.  And for those of you who still feel like you need to make the announcement, I promise I won’t judge you, but at least do it in style.  Feel free to use the following in your announcement to the world!

Until next time…Namaste!

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