My Three Words…

A friend just posted this on FB and Twitter: ‎#2011in3words wake up people!  It got me thinking – what would have been my three words in 2011 and what are my three words for 2012?

Because I never really picked focus words for 2011, looking back, I would sum up the year with the following three words:  Patience * Learning * Understanding.  Funny thing is I never would have chosen those words back in December of 2010 as my 3 areas of focus, however, now that the year is done, these three words seem to fit the year to a T.

So what about 2012?  Are you really able to get focus using three words only?  Well, it’s worth a try!  So here are my words for 2012:  Simplify * Focus * Smile.

Simplify: Simplifying our lives has always been front and center for me.  I even have one of the original books published back in the 90s about simplifying your life, but sometimes I get off track.  This year, I want to get the focus back on simplicity in all aspects of our lives.

Focus: I’ve noticed that I have become TERRIBLE about multi-tasking and it not only is frustrating to those around me, but to myself as well.  This year, I will work on my Focus.  Not only focusing on one thing at a time, but a focus on what is important.

Smile: ‎This last one is something that I fear I have lost.  I can’t count how many times this past year my kids have said, “Meem, why do you always look so mad?”  Even if I’m not mad, the fact that I’m not smiling is obviously noticeable to those two little beings that are so precious to me and are watching everything I do; so in 2012 – I am going to focus on smiling and laughing a whole lot more!

So that’s it…my three words and three areas of focus for 2012.  Thanks John for inspiring me to do this exercise…I am now truly excited for the upcoming year!

Until next time…Namaste!

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